garaj is a web development consultancy with a difference. using the latest tools we can help you deliver amazing web applications at a fraction of the time, cost, and headache of traditional developers.

What We Do

We provide advice and guidance into how to build web apps faster and cheaper. And nicer.

We can extend your existing apps to link to a huge range of online services.

We can work with you in partnership to achieve your app goals.

We love to talk about web development tools.

The Team

This is Nigel.

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Need help maintaining a site? We’ve got your back.

Not enough time to start or run your based business because you need to make regular changes to your site ?

Not quite sure how to change your templated site ?

Need changes to a third party developed site but your original developer can't fit you in ?

Struggling with complex API integrations?

Our Premium monthly care plans

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Unlimited changes

Struggling with complex API integrations?

$79/mo $49/mo

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